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CyProtect AG is Egosecure Gold Partner


Corporate Threats

Companies suffer data losses not only through intentional data theft or malware that destroys their data. In most cases, such losses are caused by the negligent handling of data: Laptops are left in the taxi, USB sticks slip from the pocket, infected media are used within the company, sensitive data are transferred and saved without encryption etc. bedrohungen eng 400Often, the employees are not even aware of the consequences and therefore, they do not necessarily report such incidents. In 2010, in Great Britain alone, about 17,000 USB sticks were found in clothes that had been brought to a dry cleaner’s.

Even in cases of negligent actions the company risks know-how losses, competitive disadvantages, high penalties and major image losses in case of notifiable data losses (according to § 42 German Data Protection Act [BDSG], Section 42a, Obligation to notify in case of unlawful access to data).

Besides such data losses, companies are subject to and often underestimate related liability risks arising from copyright infringements and incompliance with licensing regulations, if corporate IT systems are used by their employees for private purposes. If illegal music or movie files are downloaded or PC games are used for which the company has not purchased the respective licenses, the company or the entrepreneur is liable – and enforcing claims for damages against the responsible employee is a lengthy and tedious affair. Therefore you should exclude the possibility of private usage from the beginning. And even if no such event of liability occurs, the private usage of IT resources causes productivity losses and related additional costs – an employee who is playing games or editing his private pictures cannot be productive.

Enjoy Data Protection

Endpoint-security by EgoSecure protects your company against liability risks, data and productivity losses. The solution concept is based on the innovative C.A.F.E. management principle and includes all devices and data paths. The intelligent and central management allows for the easy installation and administration of functionality. Protection is ensured with a high degree of transparency for the users, but mostly in the background to not interrupt users‘ workflows – an important factor to achieve users’ acceptance of the security concept. Endpoint security needs not be a large-scale project. It takes you only 20 minutes to provide basic protection with EgoSecure Endpoint. 



About the company Egosecure

Based on the C.A.F.E. management principle, our solutions protect and manage the endpoints within your corporate network with great effectiveness and efficiency, providing all-round protection against the unauthorized release of information or the upload of malware such as viruses and Trojans.

The intelligent management concept also saves you money, since it ensures that the clients are organized properly and consume resources efficiently. Our solutions address many of the unsolved problems of network management.

Product Development Milestones

  • 2006 – Market launch of the "DevicePro" device management solution
  • 2007 – Market launch of "ApplicationPro"
  • 2008 – Market launch of the "CryptionPro" encryption solution
  • 2010 – Market launch of "cynapspro Endpoint Data Protection"
  • 2010 – Portfolio expansion with ErasePro and PowerPro
  • 2011 – Member of Infowatch Group by Natalya Kaspersky
  • 2012 – Market launch of the "EgoSecure Endpoint" solution based on the "C.A.F.E. Management" principle

Our customers

  • Installed base of about 600,000 clients in more than 900 customer organizations
  • Many publically listed companies
  • Many midmarket businesses
  • Customers across all industries
  • Including many customers that have to ensure an enhanced level of security (banks, state offices of criminal investigation etc.)

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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