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Egosecure Endpoint

Endpoints and Data Paths within the Corporate Network

Another problem arises through the large number of devices used to store data or play and execute software and files – laptops, tablets, smartphones, external hard disks, USB sticks and even digital cameras can be used to store data. Increasingly, employees do not only use company-owned devices, but also their private devices within the corporate network – this “bring your own device” (BYOD) phenomenon is a rather hot topic at the moment. While the high flexibility and variety of devices is very convenient for the users, this situation is a nightmare for any IT security officer.

Companies are not only faced with a great variety of devices, but also must deal with all kinds of data paths – they transport mobile media, transmit data through the Internet, use cloud services or communicate via today’s modern communications platforms, such as Skype. Protecting all of these data paths poses great challenges.

The C.A.F.E. management principle developed by EgoSecure accounts for all devices and data paths.

C.A.F.E. Management
Comprehensive Security and Efficient Systems Operations

The C.A.F.E. management principle developed by EgoSecure solves these problems through the intelligent combination of the following functionality:

cafe button c-sControl:

Defines which user is authorized to use which data paths. Only those employees who need sensitive data for their work have access to these data.

cafecafe buttons a-sAudit:

Logs provide evidence if users violate laws and regulations to ensure that they handle data with care – an important requirement to ensure IT compliance.

cafe buttons f-sFilter:

Separates critical data types from uncritical data types and blocks data types that are not wanted within the company. 

cafe buttons e-sEncrypt:

The C., A. and F. components ensure that only authorized employees have only access to data and applications which are relevant for their work. 100-percent all-round protection is provided by encrypting authorized data, since encryption also protects against intentional data theft or the negligent loss of data.  


The intelligent and central management ensures the easy installation and administration of functionality and a high degree of usability. 

This integrated and efficient security principle is complemented by antivirus software, mobile device management functionality, the integration of iOS and Android devices, secure cloud applications and power management for devices.

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Your Benefits of egosecure Endpoint

Easy Installation

Implementing EgoSecure Endpoint is not a project that consumes a lot of IT resources over a long time or causes high costs for external consultants. Basic protection is already ensured after just 20 minutes of installation. The security standard can be refined incrementally, without the need to involve external consultants. =Fast

Easy Administration

All functionality is controlled and monitored through the central, highly intuitive management console. The EgoSecure client on the users’ computers provides clear on-demand information on the individual security status without the need to contact the administrator. =Intuitive

Ease of Use

While most security functions run in the background, without requiring users to change their familiar workflows, the EgoSecure client provides users full transparency of all their actions on demand; this ensures full acceptance of the security system; users have no excuse and no reason whatsoever to try to bypass certain functionality. After all, a high degree of user acceptance contributes greatly to a high security standard. =Transparent



The Protection Layers

Access Control

Access control protects companies against “internal attackers” by controlling which persons within the company need access to which data.


An antivirus solution provides proven protection against anonymous attackers from the Internet. It is important to ensure a high detection rate to be able to respond very quickly to new viruses and Trojans. EgoSecure Endpoint integrates a leading-edge solution with an acknowledged high detection rate.

Content Analysis & Filter

An integrated, overall security concept must also provide options to analyze content, filter sensitive information from data that leave the company and block damaged information within incoming data. Content Analysis & Filter provides granular and reliable protection of corporate data communications without affecting users‘ workflows and desired data transfers.

Application Control

Application Control controls which user is allowed to start which programs, for instance, to prevent that games or unlicensed software products are used to avoid liability risks and economic damage. It is also possible to block most viruses, even before antivirus solutions have detected them.

Removable Device Encryption

Mobile media such as USB sticks are important means to support increasingly flexible business and working environments. While devices are shrinking in size and increasing in performance, they are also lost or stolen more easily. Removable Device Encryption ensures that the data cannot be used by unauthorized parties. Password-based encryption and decryption can be achieved on any Windows computer, with full transparency for authorized users. Encryption is file-based, and various encryption types are available (for the whole company, for individual users or for certain user groups). It is possible to use multiple encryption types for one medium.

Folder Encryption

Folder Encryption protects data on lost notebooks or hard drives and also secures individually defined sensitive data on systems that can be accessed by multiple users. For instance, highly sensitive management data can be protected against access through employees with many privileges, such as IT staff.


The Management Level


Audit ensures the transparency of all protection measures and allows you to capture forensic data. This optional auditability of EgoSecure Endpoint is an important contribution to ensure IT compliance. As a matter of course, compliance with your employees’ personality rights and labor laws is also ensured (4-6-eye principle).

Mobile Device Management

The increasing degree of adoption of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphone must also be reflected in corporate security architectures. Mobile Device Management ensures the intelligent integration of mobile devices, including support of the Android and iOS operating systems.  

Power Management

Intelligent power management ensures efficient device operations by ensuring that energy is only consumed when the computer is actually used. Power Management helps reduce IT operational costs while also contributing to the company’s environmental balance and ensuring a fast ROI for the EgoSecure Endpoint implementation.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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