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SafeNet ProtectZ Product Brief

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SafeNet ProtectZ

Mainframe Security & Protection


SafeNet ProtectZ software works with the SafeNet DataSecure appliance to deliver robust mainframe security for applications and data in IBM z/OS mainframe environments. With ProtectZ, you gain simple ways to protect some of your most valuable information.

Flexible uses

SafeNet ProtectZ software can be called from any programming language that follows IBM OS standards. The calling application can encrypt or decrypt any information and return it to the appropriate storage device. In addition to protecting production applications, you can use ProtectZ to facilitate testing of new applications, new software releases, or simply to improve data throughput.

Efficient Mainframe Security & Encryption

To move large amounts of sensitive data in and out of data stores rapidly, administrators can capitalize on the DataSecure’s ability to do the encryption and decryption of specific fields in bulk within the flat files that can contain millions of records. By focusing on select fields, you can encrypt and decrypt data efficiently, in a fraction of the time that it might take for the entire file. DataSecure also can be used to encrypt the entire binary files when you do not need field-level granularity.

Information secured

You chose your mainframe environment to deliver high levels of performance and reliability for your most important applications and data. By adopting SafeNet ProtectZ, you gain a robust mainframe security solution that matches the power of your mainframe environment.


API Support

  • JCE

Application Support

  •  Cobol 
  •  RPG 
  •  Assembler and others  

Servers Support

  • CICS 
  • TSO  
  • Batch environments  

Data Storage Support

  • DB2 
  • IMS 
  • VSAM 
  • DASD and more  


  • AES 
  • DES 
  • DESede  

Data Types Supported


Features & Benefits


  • Granular protection—Retain ownership of data on mainframes throughout its lifecycle with granular policies that define who can access what data at what time of day. 
  • Centralized administration—Simplify security administration and control costs with centralized management of keys, policies, and configurations.  
  • Proven algorithms—Achieve the highest level of database and application security by using proven cryptographic algorithms combined with strong identity and access policy protection.


  • Tailored solution—Extend data protection to include customized mainframe applications for maximum mainframe protection and mainframe security.  
  • Secured collaboration—Collaborate with business partners and integrate new vendors into the digital supply chain knowing that only authorized, authenticated users can view sensitive data.  
  • Increased productivity—Encrypt information transparently, without disrupting business operations, application performance, or the end-user experience.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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