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SafeNet ProtectServer External Product Brief

Datasheet - PDF

SafeNet ProtectServer External

Cost-Effective, Tamper Resistant HSM


High Assurance Security

SafeNet ProtectServer External contains a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic module to perform secure cryptographic processing in a high-assurance fashion.  Built for industry standard security applications, the ProtectServer External functions within a tamper-protected environment, providing secure storage for highly sensitive information, cryptographic keys, PINs, and data.

Easy Integration and Management

SafeNet ProtectServer External provides secure, easy-to-perform local and remote management of administration functions.  The intuitive GUI plus remote access delivers administration convenience and reduces cost and time to implementation.

High Performance

ProtectServer External features  processing speeds up to 600 RSA signature operations/sec.  By offloading cryptographic processing from the host system, ProtectServer External is available to respond to increased requests, improving performance. 

Customizable and Scalable

ProtectServer External is available in a broad range of symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic performance levels, and can be integrated on either the same or distinct sub-nets and be shared between different networks in order to protect multiple business domains.  In addition, a broad range of APIs are available, making ProtectServer External highly customizable.


OS Support

  • Windows NT(32-bit)
  • Windows 2003 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows 2008 (64-bit)
  • Solaris 9 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Solaris 10 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Linux RH8 k2.4 (32-bit)
  • Linux E4 k2.6 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Linux E5 k2.6 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Linux SuSE 10 (32-bit)
  • AIX 5.3 (32 & 64 bit)
  • HP-UX 11i (32 & 64-bit)
    SLES 11 (32 & 64-bit)

Client API and Toolkit Support

  • PKCS#11
  • Java JCA/JCE
  • Microsoft CryptoAPI (CAPI)
  • Microsoft CNG
  • Open SSL
  • Customizable Software Development (SDK)

Cryptographic Processing

  • Asymmetric Key Encryption and Key Exchange
    • RSA (up to 4096 bits), DSA, ECDSA (up to 512 bits), Diffie Hellman (DH), plus others upon request
  • Symmetric Algorithms
    • AES, DES, 3DES, CAST-128, RC2, RC4, SEED, plus others upon request
  • Modes Supported
    • ECB, CBC, OFB64, CFB-8 (BCF)

Extensive HSM Security

  • Includes a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic module
  • Tamper protection physical HSM security
  • True RNG
  • Smartcard backup of key material
  • Hardened Linux Platform

Features & Benefits


  • Dual LAN
  • Up to 600 RSA signings/sec
  • WLD (Work Load Distribution)
  • Multi-threaded APIs
  • GUI HSM admin interface
  • CMD line interface
  • Infield upgrade
  • Remote HSM management


  • High Performance for Greater ROI
  • Cost-saving, Easy Management

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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