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SafeNet Authentication Service Product Brief

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SafeNet Authentication Service
(former Blackshield)

About SafeNet Authentication Service

SafeNet Authentication Service makes two factor or strong authentication easy to implement and manage. Our approach has been to design a solution which takes away many of the traditional pain points in authentication.

  • We support a wide range of tokens and tokenless authentication methods allowing each user to choose the right token type for their individual needs.
  • Strong authentication can be provided anywhere a password is used today through support of industry standards such as RADIUS and SAML and the availability of API’s and agents for other applications.
  • We support 3rd party tokens ensuring that existing investment in tokens is not lost when users migrate to our solution.
  • The comprehensive degree of automation in the solution drastically reduces the cost of management and administration.
  • Our tokens do not expire and can be re-issued to new users vastly reducing the cost of ownership and administrative burden.
  • Individual users can have more than one token with no extra charge beyond the cost of the token. Ideal for users connecting to corporate resources from more than one device.
  • This provides the overall lowest total cost of ownership of any authentication solution in the market.
  • We provide a comprehensive self-service portal allowing users to carry out many functions which would have traditionally only been resolved by a help desk call.

Enterprises can take advantage of all the above features and much more in either the world’s best cloud solution or if required an on premise solution. Why not take advantage of a free trial of our Cloud solution to see for yourself.

Service Providers can grow their business by selling our cloud authentication service that can be fully branded to the Service Provider or if required a Service Provider can create a dedicated instance of our cloud solution on the Service Providers site. Either way Service Providers are able to take advantage of the best authentication solution that is available today.

We offer four different implementations of SafeNet Authentication Service to truly match all market requirements; a cloud based service for enterprises, a cloud service for Service Providers, an onsite solution for enterprises and an onsite solution for Service Providers.

SafeNet Enterprise Authentication Service - Enterprise Cloud Service

Enterprise Cloud Service allows organizations to benefit from:

  • The widest choice of authentication tokens and tokenless methods, including support for 3rd party tokens
  • The ability to protect anything: networks, applications and the cloud
  • Drastically reduced management time through automation of user on-boarding, provisioning, management and reporting, as well as extensive self-service functionality
  • An authentication solution that is implemented to deliver:

    Low TCO has been architected into every aspect of this solution:

    • Simple all-inclusive pricing with no extra costs for agents, replica servers
    • Huge range of non-expiring physical tokens and re-assignable software and SMS tokens reduce token costs
    • Integration into existing user stores, such as LDAP, and automation of management tasks reduces management time by 90%
    • Self-healing tokens prevent synchronization issues and increase user satisfaction and lower help desk costs
    • User self-service that removes the need for help desks to fix most common user issues

    Highest levels of security are built into Enterprise Cloud Service:

    • Latest encryption algorithms used to generate passcodes, to encrypt user data and to protect all communication between different components
    • Passcode length and complexity can be set to reflect your preferred security posture
    • Policy driven management platform that automatically monitors and protects against attacks, such as brute force and denial-of-service
    • Operational role segregation and delegated management
    • Built-in reporting for compliance audit and accounting

    Security is unsurpassed, and our system will offer you the ability to comply with all relevant regulatory standards, including SOX, PCI and HIPAA.

    Automation of Management Tasks:

    By automating the provisioning, administering and managing of users and tokens Enterprise Cloud Service drastically reduces the single biggest cost of an authentication system, often by an order of magnitude.

    • Tight integration with user directories, such as LDAP, which can then drive custom provisioning processes that are carried out automatically
    • Pre-authentication rules that provide automated authorization and access control
    • Extensive user self-service and push and pull of soft tokens and tokenless methods, which also increase user satisfaction and eliminate help desk costs

    Highly Available, Scalable Service:

    From an infrastructure point of view, Enterprise Cloud Service can be configured in a huge range of high-availability, high-performance architectures as required, without requiring high specification of hardware and software - further reducing cost.

    Migration to Enterprise Cloud Service:

    Migration to Enterprise Cloud Service – whether from static passwords or alternative strong authentication solutions - is a risk-free and trouble-free process.

    • Migration from passwords can be done without user disruption, without user training and without service interruption.
    • Migration from other vendors’ tokens can be done while preserving your investment in their tokens as users carry on using them until they expire or break, and this means zero impact on users and administrators.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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