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logo seppmailSEPPmail Technology and Software

Groundbreaking patent

Stability, performance and availability, functionality and convenience – these are attributes of each and every SEPPmail Secure E-Mail Gateway.

Encrypted e-mail communication

The pioneering SEPPmail appliances support several methods of encryption and secure e-mail dispatch:

  • Patented Enhanced Secure WebMail (GINA)

    E-mails are delivered to the recipient in encrypted format and saved to their mailbox (e. g. Outlook). When the encrypted attachment is opened, it is transmitted to the SEPPmail appliance via a secure SSL connection and, after the correct password is entered, it is shown in decrypted format. Two-Factor Authentication guarantees message confidentiality and protects e-mails against phishing attacks.
  • Automatic domain encryption between SEPP appliances

    SEPPmail offers the option to automatically encrypt all e-mail traffic between several domains or SEPPmail appliances. Domain Keys are deployed for this purpose. In addition to this, SEPPmail supports domain encryption using third-party products, as long as they support S/MIME or openPGP Domain Encryption.
  • S/MIME and OpenPGP-User encryption

    In this procedure, messages are encrypted by means of a public key and decrypted by the recipient by means of a private key. Thanks to the SEPPmail appliance's centralized processing, this process occurs automatically.
  • TLS/SSL Transport encryption

    In order to achieve the highest level of security, communication between the SEPPmail appliance and receiver (e.g. mail server or further SEPPmail Appliances) is set up by means of a TLS/SSL-secure channel.

Straightforward user administration

Centralized and convenient – user administration of SEPPmail appliances. This function is conclusive evidence of SEPPmail's long-standing (>10 years) experience in secure e-mail design and implementation. The highlights include:

  • LDAP-based key storage
  • Automatic generation of internal users and automatic rollout of external Enhanced Webmail Users
  • Simple group management and easy replication of users and groups
  • Bulk user generation by means of CSV data or certificate import
  • Detailed reports and statistics

Intelligent certificate management

Creating and managing certificates is known to be demanding work. This workload is simplified and accelerated thanks to SEPPmail's groundbreaking technology. Users benefit from the following characteristics:

  • Automatic generation of certificates and openPGP keys, as well as Domain Keys
  • User-friendly administration of S/MIME and openPGP Domain Keys
  • Automatic creation, request and retraction of S/MIME Keys
  • Definition of valid and creation of new Root CAs

Maximum performance and availability

The company’s early decision to design SEPPmail as a cluster-capable system (multi-master cluster) means that SEPPmail users now enjoy a high degree of availability and performance. New or additional systems can be integrated into existing clusters in a matter of minutes. Clustering can be designed and maintained over large distances – even with slow connections – which allows for seamless integration of Disaster Recovery Sites.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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