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Avira Managed Email Security

Virus-free. Spam-free. Hassle-free. Cloud email security by Avira.

Avira Managed Email Security may be the last email protection decision you ever have to make. Just configure it online and place your email security directly in the hands of the experts at Avira.

We filter email traffic in our own data centers so nothing but clean mail enters your network. Take back your bandwidth. Say goodbye to antispam software that slows your mail server to a crawl.

Forget virus definition updates and loading the newest blacklist. System requirements? None! Cloud security is platform-independent.

What´s new

Stronger protection, superior performance

  • An enhanced detection engine scans for embedded archives, blocking malware hidden inside graphics and other harmless-looking files.
  • Archives can be allowed or blocked according to the file types they contain.
  • An upgraded SPACE antispam engine spots the most subtle spam techniques while minimizing false positives.
  • Updates are faster and more stable thanks to optimized load balancing and error recovery.

More convenience, better use of resources

  • File size information is now included in scan reports to aid in bandwidth allocation and other calculations.
  • Antivirus and antispam engine update reports inform administrators of unsuccessful updates so they can be reinitiated promptly.


Extreme Reliability

  • Superior virus and outbreak detection
    Avira constantly incorporates the latest research into our managed solution. Multiple technologies work in sync to block known viruses and spam, while new threats are discovered and eliminated.
  • Dependable email delivery
    If your company ever goes offline due to an internet outage, Avira will store incoming mail for up to seven days or reroute your mail to another location.
  • Network protection
    Avira guards your internal network by blocking oversized emails, zip-of-death and other harmful content.
  • Built-in blacklists and whitelists
    Our integrated whitelists and blacklists are updated constantly. Advanced greylisting isolates new spam suspects so they can't slip through the cracks.

Easy Deployment

  • Configured in minutes
    To begin using Avira Managed Email Security, redirect your MX-records to Avira. It's that simple!
  • Web-based quarantine
    All blocked emails are stored in the cloud and can be managed from anywhere. Furthermore, unwanted content is not stored on your mail server.
  • Bandwidth savings
    Because filtering takes place in the cloud, neither the antivirus software nor the blocked spam requires a single byte of your bandwidth.
  • Always the latest version
    For stronger security and greater convenience, the latest antivirus and antispam technologies are automatically integrated in real time.
  • Maintenance-free
    No on-site hardware, software or labor is required. The days of resetting, rebooting, tuning or replacing hardware and software are over.
  • Clear, affordable pricing
    There are no setup fees or other hidden costs, just a convenient per-user price.

Freedom of Configuration

  • Intuitive web interface
    Settings, reports, statistics and the quarantine are effortlessly controlled from your web browser.
  • Detailed reporting
    Quarantine statistics are available at all times. Users can opt to receive daily spam queue summaries and virus interception notices via email.
  • Attachment control
    You designate which file types are permitted as email attachments.
  • Custom rules
    Message screening can be fine-tuned based on sender, content, size and other elements.
  • Configurable user privileges
    It's up to you which features users can access and to what extent they can edit their email content filtering preferences.
  • Personalized footers
    You can create one or more email signatures which appear at the end of all incoming and outgoing messages. This can also be used to insert a disclaimer in each message.
  • Mail forwarding
    By default, clean messages are delivered to your mail server, but you can also forward messages to another email address. This can be set up for the whole domain or for individual users.
  • Custom auto-replies
    The system can be configured to send an automatic email in response to incoming messages.


Intelligent detection

Bayesian filtering
Email traffic is thoroughly inspected for telltale character and word combinations, and anything suspicious is sent to the quarantine. This perceptive technology keeps your network one step ahead of cyber bullies' ever-changing tactics.

HICAR (Heuristic Image Character Recognition)
An Avira exclusive, HICAR technology works to detect encrypted characters and words embedded in images.

Message structure analysis
The structure and headers of the email are examined for signs of spam, viruses, phishing and other dangers, while the message body is examined for links to malicious websites.

Advanced greylisting
Based on content and behavior analysis, new spammers are flagged upon their first attempt. This provides early stage detection before they are added to official antispam blacklists.

Hassle-free protection

No endpoint maintenance
Because it's not installed on site, there is no software to update. Avira cloud security will remain compatible with your mail server even after you replace it or change platforms.

LDAP synchronization
Thanks to automated Active Directory syncing, address authentication continues even if your server goes offline.

Radius support
Keeping track of complex passwords is inconvenient enough. Avira's cloud email protection is compatible with networks that assign a universal login.

Quarantine reports
Users can receive daily reports of blocked messages via email so they don't have to remember to check their spam queue. The administrator can access comprehensive statistics within the web interface or receive reports automatically via email.

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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