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Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security

All-in-one security specifically designed for Embedded systems

Windows Embedded systems are becoming an ever more popular target for cybercriminals. These devices tend to operate inside the corporate network, to be geographically scattered and to handle critical data, often working with credit and debit cards. End-of-life Windows XP is still a standard for many such systems, as is low-end hardware.

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security is specially designed to protect these systems against attacks targeting their contents and exploiting their limitations.

What Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security offer:

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security has been designed for service devices which use Windows Embedded operating systems. It recognises and respects specific hardware, has a flexible modular structure, and efficiency considerations, while simultaneously controlling and protecting the attack surfaces unique to these architectures through:


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Default Deny for Apps, Drivers & Libraries

Device Control, USB Connections Monitoring

Antivirus On-Demand

Memory Protection

File Integrity Monitoring and Log Audit
The basis of effective protection for embedded systems Preventing the physical connection of unauthorized USBs and other devices – a major source of both accidental and deliberate infection Proven protection from the industry’s leading antivirus engine, capable of detecting even the most advanced and aggressive attacks Securing the system against exploits, ransomware and memory injection  Combines the efficiency of critical files protection and change-tracking with regulatory compliance requirements

In Use

Default Deny for Applications, Drivers and Libraries

Windows Embedded systems are fixed passive systems designed to undertake a strictly limited range of functions, often involving credit and debit cards. By effectively ‘freezing’ the system—preventing any drivers, libraries or applications not on an approved list from launching—Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security denies potential attackers, including insiders or third party service providers, access to any of these means.

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Antivirus On-Demand and Firewall Management

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security can be installed in ‘Default Deny for Applications and Devices only’ mode to minimize the impact on hardware resources. The solution also can centrally manage firewalls and can be installed with the inclusion of an antivirus module providing on-demand scanning controls within the same license. Should malware penetrate all these defenses, optional real-time antivirus protection from Kaspersky Security Network can also come into play.

Regulatory Compliance

In support of regulatory requirements, Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security offers specific features including File Integrity Monitoring and Log Audit in our Compliance Edition. This also includes features like Default Deny, Antivirus, Firewall Management, Device Control and optional Patch Management, all administered through Kaspersky Security Center and designed to help secure embedded systems in compliance with international standards. So there’s no longer any need to purchase three separate solutions from different vendors, or to choose between effective protection and regulatory compliance.

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Product Architecture

The solution has been designed specifically to mitigate cybersecurity risks to systems based on Embedded operating systems, protecting the attack surfaces unique to these architectures while respecting related hardware and efficiency considerations. A single intuitive console gives you the control and visibility you need to effectively manage multi-layered security for your endpoints, your critical systems and your whole IT infrastructure. The Default Deny, Device Control and Memory Protection modules included are absolutely essential to effective embedded systems protection, while additional modules further enhance security levels where required.

The Threats

Today we see Embedded systems everywhere: in ticketing machines, ATMs, kiosks, Point of Sale systems, medical equipment… the list goes on.

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security secures Windows based devices like these from unauthorized access and ongoing damage caused by cyberattacks, protecting your business from:

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Theft and exploitation of customer credentials and confidential data

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Targeted attacks, initiated through your Windows Embedded systems

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All the costs associated with reputational and brand damage

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Theft through duplicate credit cards, using POS and ATM memory dumps

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Cash lost through the direct hacking of individual ATMs

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Having to update your hardware and OS in order to update your security

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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