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logo seppmailSEPPmail - E-Mail Encryption

Confidential – secure


Effective protective measures must be taken in order to ensure secure transmission of e-mails containing sensitive and confidential information. The following objectives must be achieved:

  • the message sent must be viewable only to the authorized recipient
  • the content must not be editable

With its appliance-based, e-mail security solution, SEPPmail provides the perfect solution to this need. SEPPmail's patented and groundbreaking encryption and communication system, Secure E-Mail Gateways, complies with the highest security standards, achieves short introduction times, reduced administration requirements and user-friendly application – for both the sender and recipient of e-mail messages.

Easier and safer than ever

Thanks to SEPPmail, companies and institutions of all sizes now have a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to secure their e-mail traffic. It is worth noting that neither sender nor receiver PCs require software installation. This is because encrypted and electronically signed e-mails can be sent and read within

the standard e-mail environment.

In order to secure message exchange, SEPPmail encrypts the e-mail to be transmitted and sends it to the recipient in HTML format. When the recipient opens the respective attachment, the encrypted message is automatically sent to the SEPPmail appliance. After the authorized recipient enters the correct password, the content of the message is displayed in their standard e-mail application.

This procedure has numerous advantages:

  • The Two-Factor Authentication (recipient requires access to the message itself and the password) achieves significantly increased protection compared with conventional procedures. This feature is one of the reasons why the full-scale solution developed in Switzerland is audit-compliant and meets the current compliance requirements (SOX, HIPAA, PCI, BASEL II).
  • Recipients of encrypted messages do not need any specialized software or encryption programs on their computer system. This allows for secure message exchange with any number of recipients worldwide.
  • System application is uniquely straightforward. The look and feel of the system is comparable with a user-friendly webmail application.
  • The messages are delivered to the recipient in full. This means that the required storage space on the SEPPmail appliance is minimal.
  • SEPPmail allows for the issue of authenticated read receipts and consequently supports the "registered e-mail" function.
  • SEPPmail supports secure communication with all conventional standards, such as S/MIME, PGP and TLS.
  • Thanks to the integrated certificate authority, SEPPmail also supports the issue and management of S/MIME certificates.
  • Due to its intelligent operational design, SEPPmail is entirely resistant to phishing and "brute force" attacks.

Intelligent integration into encryption networks

In addition to being able to secure encrypted e-mail communication with any number of recipients, SEPPmail can also be integrated into superordinate encryption networks.

Managed Domain Encryption (MDE)

E-mails exchanged between participants with an installed SEPPmail appliance (domain certificates) are automatically encrypted

and decrypted. This process is entirely transparent for all users. Each SEPPmail appliance can participate in this network without exchanging keys. It is also possible to integrate domain keys from other manufacturers (e.g. S/MIME or PGP).

E-mail security services

SEPPmail, the secure e-mail platform, can be seamlessly integrated into communication networks via open third-party connectors – thus enabling the design and integration of new services. The following is an abbreviated options list:

Secure electronic traffic with authorities

The effective eGov Act decrees that, in Switzerland, submissions to authorities as well as the delivery of summons, dispositions, decisions and other notifications may be made in electronic form. The prerequisite for this is the use of a recognized platform that secures the confidentiality and integrity of the documents transmitted. Moreover, the solution must guarantee that the exact times of both dispatch and receipt of the notifications can be confirmed. For this purpose, SEPPmail and SwissSign – a subsidiary of Swiss Post and accredited Swiss Certification Authority (CA) – developed an "electronic delivery platform". This platform allows all Swiss residents to engage in electronic communication with authorities.

Data protection-compliant e-mail communication in the health service

The Swiss health service operates a secure extranet platform called HIN (Health Info Net). This platform connects 12,000 customers (80% of medical practices) and more than 130 institutions within the Swiss health service. An integrated "HIN MailGateway" allows institutions to communicate securely with all participants on the HIN extranet platform by e-mail. The encryption deployed satisfies all data protection requirements.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on the Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team.

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